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 Welcome to Jennaís Rainbow Foundation

Jenna's Rainbow Foundation is named after Jenna Kamil, who died from a brain-stem tumor in May 1999 at the age of 7. Throughout her two-year struggle, Jenna exhibited warmth, dignity, strength, and a loving spirit that was fully absorbed by those fortunate enough to come into contact with her. When once asked to make a wish, Jenna responded, "I wish the world would stay a rainbow."

It is the Foundation's mission to fulfill Jenna's wish and make the world a rainbow for children and families traveling the dark and often lonely road of battling brain and spinal cord tumors. Members and volunteers focus efforts on local activities and on supporting special projects aimed toward such critically ill children and their families. The hope is that these efforts will ease burdens, provide respite, and improve the quality of life for both children and their families...

Rainbow Sightings


Jenna's Corner is an online support group for parents, survivors, siblings and others to gain practical information, peer support and guidance from professionals and others. In conjunction with, we believe in support which can only be provided by people who have shared similar journeys.

Jenna's Corner

15th Annual Jennas Rainbow Foundation Spring Fair